Announcement of three patents for core algorithms

Grant of a patent

MAXELE Inc. researches information sharing infrastructures including currency systems. We hereby announce that three patent gazettes have been published in Japan, which were written by our founder and filed for PCT with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for money creation algorithm (official name: SYSTEMS, PROGRAM, INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING EXCHANGING PER UNIT OF A VALUE EXCHANGE MEDIUM). ※ (A: February 19, 2020; B: November 20, 2019; C: November 20, 2019)
Details of each patent are available at the link below (the target page of the Japan Patent Office).


Since this patent application contains several technologies, the application is still pending at the Japan Patent Office through the process of divisional application. The Company will announce when a new Patent Publication is issued.


Patent A No. 6651245

Patent B No. 6608566

Patent C No. 6608560