Platforms that optimize the intercorrelation

Mechanism which maximize the value

Smallest but yet the largest approach

Together with the responsibilities to be accomplished


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It’s the essential solution to support Society 5.0 for SDGs.


We respond and act to people’s basic desire: “Living our lives with ceaseless passion”.

 "MAXELE NET", "INTERVERSE", and "INTERCURRENCY", the ICT platform is created by the invention of the “money creation algorithm".

This is a medium that optimizes intercorrelation which fundamentally solves problems of information-circulation mechanism including conventional financial system.

We will optimize intercorrelation in the world and maximize the created value by implementing ICT platform as a medium that enables us to connect a number of elements that exist in our everyday life.


A medium is the key element to fulfill and connect all such as written language, currency, water, and air.

If the medium doesn’t function precisely, each element in environments will not function itself.

What we strive to provide for the new era, is the medium.



Part 1 Explanation of terms (Invention)

Part 2 Prologue

Part 3 Mission statement

Part 4 Method

Part 5 Base

Part 6 Invitation

Part 7 Q&A “Information Disclosure“

Part 8 Greetings

Part 9 Event schedule

Part10 MAXELE Project

Part 1 Explanation of Terms (Invention)




The value exchange domain where the INTERCURRENCY circulate on internet

Invention of money creation algorithm is born

Cyberspace which makes every circulations of INTERCURRENCY through mediums possible regardless of paid or free-of-charge value

The combination with VR (Virtual Reality) technology will create the world like a dream



It is a value exchange medium utilizing blockchain, which solves conventional  currency proprems fundamentally

Born with the invention of money creation algorithm

Credit money as well as commodity money; not just unlimited but its ultimate currency to the creation of credit

With the dual birth of INTERVERSE will sustain a new era in the united body

A medium that fulfills all

Part2 Prologue


The world of recognition through 5 senses. The recognition creates roles and responsibilities.


2-1.       Background

2-2.       Issues


2-1. Background

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The endless increase of outstanding obligations and the widening gap of disparity

Existence of value that is not evaluated as economic value and the way that community changes accordingly

The existing society advocates enormously but not operating respectively in terms of financial inclusion,  the destruction of poverty

The media is circulated freely yet manipulating arbitrarily

Various communities are surround by big data and individuals are controlled

The prevalence of nationalism and populisms have lost its vision

Developing affluent societies and also destitute societies

As a consequence mankind is dominated by debts


These results indicate that the intercorrelation that connects each other and makes up the whole world does not function precisely.

Capitalism, journalism, and liberalism-the basic functions that shape up the society have already exceeded their useful lives.



2-2. Issues

The presence of a medium that shapes the intercorrelation.

Living beings can only maintain their lives in certain circumstances such as  requirementment of oxygen in the air or fluid like water. 

However, those living are able to shift their presence and its shapes depending on the requirements. 

As we are living in a modern age, the presence of money is as indispensable as oxygen or water due to the highly developed intercorrelation.

Money has a fundamental effect on the intercorrelation of humankind as a medium of transmitting liability, purchasing power, and other information.

If we see the current state of inadequate functioning, there is the only way to  resolve this issue by facing deeply the "presence of medium" in the money.

It is the fact that money has fundamental problems that connects everything.

It does indicate that the needs to uncover the presence of money.


Part3 Mission Statement


The greatest thing is that there is nothing different between how we act and what we achieve.

It’s just amazing one day each of us can come to say that.

3-1. Passion

3-2. Medium

3-3. Future


3-1. Passion

The "discovery" was in our real world.

In today’s world, where values and roles are diversified, and the waves of change and rapidity are high. The existence of intercorrelations must be changed to make it more compatible with the current of waves.

We will sincerely face the process from the past to the present and urge intercorrelations to lead to the future.



3-2. Medium

The role played by “ICT platform” has become considerably larger.

Its responsibilities have maintained the intercorrelation since the beginning of them and up until now as the foundation where we are now.

We will face deeper research themes with eyes and hearts to grasp the status as they are.


3-3. Future

The result of present consist of past over the past and future over future which represents where we are now.

Most importantly, the intercorrelations of past and future are relating to the result of creating the definite vision.

We are now designated to share our awareness and visions to the world to gain the recognition of “fires are starting up gradually. “


Creativity for the Future”


We will evolve capitalism, journalism, and liberalism into the ideal ones by reshaping the nature of the medium that determines intercorrelations fundamentally.



Part4 Method


Why are we doing this? How will it be done?


4-1. Open Innovation Platform "MAXELE NET®"

4-2. Researchers Network



4-1. Open Innovation Platform "MAXELE NET®"

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New values are created by intercorrelation.

The "triggers" are everywhere, however “it is crucial whether you realise its there or not, and how you do so.”

The unique ideas are the source of creating new values but solitude can eliminate those creations.

We aim to create a network for the researchers working together by avoiding the elimination of the source. 

Due to the targeted approach to the subject of this project is a construction technique of infrastructure that maintains intercorrelation among people, the academic fields related to the research are not limited to ICT platform field, but is extended to the whole scientific field.

We endeavour to provide an environment where researchers’ creativity can be harnessed for the future.



4-2. Researchers Network

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The platform called MAXELE NET has an aspect of networks that sequences the enthusiasm of researchers.

We invite researchers to participate in MAXELE Project as shareholders to their liability  as guild members with utilizing the corporate structure.

The beginning is always small, but we know that the cause for a big thing is the "discovery of the trigger."

We will strive to maximize the effects of our network by considering ourselves as the components of the project.



Part5 Base


IT is something only YOU can do, not someone else.


5-1. Patent

5-2. Strategy



5-1. Patent

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The patents invented by founders and owned by MAXELE are algorithms that control the size of the purchasing power per unit of currency.

This is not only a source of purchasing power for the currency, but also an algorithm for controlling the size of the purchasing power produced simultaneously.

The algorithms also enable to quantify the size of the economic value included in the evaluation, which is provided and acquired free of charge between devices.

MAXELE reserves the rights to patents on simple configurations that form the core of these algorithms.



5-2. Strategy

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MAXELE Project aims to make ICT platforms that optimize intercorrelation as infrastructures moreover,  to fit them greater in the society.

As the beginning, MAXELE NET aims to create an environment in which the economic value contained in patents can be shared among researchers, including founders, so that ICT platforms can be continuously brushed up for the future.


In the intercorrelation, as the currency circulation layer and the information circulation layer are the core, they have a wide range of impacts and require additional research results from a number of aspects.

Founders used their invented money creation algorithm and patenting schemes to compensate themselves for their lack of experience and bring the enthusiasm of a wide range of researchers together.

Dividing the project into two seasons, we will accomplish the mission in a way that no one has seen.


Part6 Invitation


Every step you take forward, there is always hope.


6-1. Opportunities

6-2. Comrade

6-3. Goal



6-1. Opportunities

The reality of a mind perceived through a transparent clear lens is a trigger that enables us to start a great research with a passion that will reach us to the truth.

Although how many people will sympathize with the purpose of that incredible research?

In reality, the themes that are easily accessible and easily recognizable invite sympathy.

Moreover, the more likely an economic value is to occur, the more attractive it is to you.

Sometimes it even transfigures the pressure of generating numbers.

This is the reason why the research with passion is hard to get on the stage and receive the spotlight.


Your passion with clear eyes heat a passion into your mind through all kinds of events.

Moving forward from each circumstance would have entailed a great deal of risk.


Now is the time to turn the risk into a hope.

Come on stage with passionate enthusiasm, feel the heat of the lights, and become one that beats the hall.



6-2. Comrade

There is no significance to set up the participation requirements for the researchers. 

However, to maintain the passion, it is a necessity to have open eyes, mind, and reasons and some investment to purchase stocks.

A researcher who is participating in MAXELE Project, such as the founders, holds the money creation algorithm patents indirectly by becoming MAXELE shareholders.

The impact of money creation algorithm on intercorrelation is a phenomenon.

Make full use of the strengths in the respective fields of expertise while maintaining your enthusiasm.

We hope from bottom of our heart that each of you will play your role as a hero.



6-3. Goal

The past, the present, and  the future exist, respectively.

The new paths begint with the encounter to connect each other, and encounter creates connection.

Intercorrelation created by the time flows.

We are here now, so

Realizing the opportunities” is of the utmost importance.

The future will be determined by the actions we take to live in today..



Part7 Q&A "Information Disclosure"


A question to the new road: it is the beginning of the new path.


7-I About our project

7-II Patents

7-III About Platforms

7-IV Stocks

7-V About your participation

7-VI Nesting



7-I About our project

1.Zero scheme

2.True money

3.Multilayer circulated scheme

4.Project characteristics

5.Discovery and invention

6.Intercorrelation and medium

7.True facts



7-I-1. Zero scheme



Q: Why is it difficult to understand the business models of MAXELE Project?

A: This is because we are configuring our business through an unprecedented scheme.

In a capitalist economy, business generally consists of "investment," "management," "employment," and "sales."

The so-called separation of capital, management, and labor.

In addition, the concept of the fiscal year is strong and is understood based on the operating income and expenditures.

In this respect, MAXELE Project is directly linked to capital and labor instead of employment or sales.

Further, there is almost no concept of a fiscal year, and financial changes over time are the basis for understanding it.

In other words, the researchers who participate in MAXELE Project are investors and workers, and the business is conducted for a fixed period of time.

This indicates that we can’t grasp the business by using the company alone.

Observe from a wider and longer perspective.

MAXELE makes projects work by extending businesses to networked environments, by eliminating all non-core competencies, and by creating economic value over time.

If you look at the patent validity period of about 20 years as a single period, it will be easier to understand.

When implementing ICT platforms based on money creation algorithms for next-generation infrastructures, MAXELE’s revenues will be like a tax collection. And this is also an unprecedented model, which will make it difficult to grasp the business model.

MAXELE Project is ultimately compact and unprecedented business models.



7-I-2. True money



Q: We have had money before, but why do you advocate "the first true money in history"?

A: This is because INTERCURRENCY is the first medium that has never been a value

exchange medium that fully exploits the function of money in the first place.

As a long-standing debate, there has been a debate over "Is money a value measure?" but the conclusion is that "money is not a value measure." For example, the statutory currency we use may simply be a computational unit that performs money environmental functions, depending on the exchange rate mechanism and the mandatory circulating power of the issuing country. This is similar to the multiple tug-of-war among many countries.

If there is no opponent, the rope will fall to the ground, and the rope will fall to the ground even if it pushes more than the opponent’s pulling force, so this is a good idea to imagine a tug-of-war.

In addition, the anchoring of money unit price (purchasing power per unit) is not controlled voluntarily by any function, but may be dependent on the level of the resulting salary (the level of purchasing power in terms of money quantity) during the circulate process in the issuing country by the statutory currency (the amount of salary of a corporate or civil servant depends only on the nature of the situation, which is not subject to long-term fluctuation).

Therefore, even in a highly developed modern monetary system, the existence of money does not function as an independent entity. In other words, it is merely an exogenous phenomenon that arises from the environment.

The nature of this money is a fundamental issue for many social issues.

This is an absolute reason for exchange rates, and it is absolutely impossible to achieve a unified currency.

And this demonstrates that the use of force as a last resort in conflicts of interest between states (currencies) will never be eliminated.

The new currency "INTERCURRENCY" was born as a money that can exist independently without the need for currency exchange, mandatory circulation power, or external anchoring. It also has an additional function that is not possible with the conventional money.

This led us to conclude that the new money is a value measure.

The extreme point is that "mankind did not invent the money completely." It is no exaggeration to say that what has traditionally been regarded as money was not actually money. A MAXELE Project is a project to distribute true money.



7-I-3. Multilayer circulated shceme

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A: MAXELE Project is to distribute the new money INTERCURRENCY and create the INTERVERSE project as a starting point. It is also a scheme that incorporates into the intercorrelation the grounds for continuing to be brushed up forever in the way ICT platforms are used to support ICT infrastructure.

MAXELE NET is responsible for this early phase.

Initially, these correlations are optimized in an integrated fashion by connecting the economic value of MAXELE’s shares to the other side of the world where research results are released free of charge, and later, by connecting the economic value of INTERCURRENCY to the other side where research results are released free of  charge.

Since MAXELE Project is ultimately an effort to create a global uniform currency, conventional approaches have been a very reckless challenge, unlikely to be reached.

There were a number of issues to be addressed, and no one was able to show the road or even the direction.

The MAXELE Project consists of a dual circulation scheme in which the stages of the project are divided into the previous and late phases, so that INTERCURRENCY functions integrally with first value exchange medium and second value exchange medium.


This enables MAXELE NET to start up INTERVERSE with the same energy while circulating and expanding the excitement of researchers’ enthusiasm for innovation.

MAXELE NET research results will continue to provide value to the public forever as a free of charge value in INTERVERSE.

Just as larvae are the predecessors of adult worms, MAXELE NET is the predecessor of INTERVERSE.



7-I-4. Project characteristics

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Q: What is the characteristics of MAXELE Project in terms of investments?

A: Shareholders themselves have the means to enhance the value of the stock.

For example, a researcher can become a shareholder and publishes papers on projects at MAXELE NET or become an influencer to disseminate projects and theories to the world. This will be done better after publication in peer-reviewed journals or at academic conferences. There is no restriction on MAXELE NET. And all contents are left to the discretion of the researcher. As described above, participating researchers are now able to use their own resources to enhance their investments. This is similar to the hands-on concept of venture capital firms. Researchers participating in MAXELE Project can be described as "working shareholders". From the other points of views, I would say that the researcher who participates in the project may be in the same position as the founder.


Founders are participating in the MAXELE Project they have designed, providing MAXELE with their own research achievements, such as the meta medium theory and money creation algorithm, and continuing to brush them up. Founder is the first researcher and first shareholder to participate in MAXELE Project. It is possible to say that the researchers involved in the MAXELE Project can be  "fellows who share liability with founders and use their creativity for the future."



7-I-5. Discovery and invention

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Q: What is the background to maximize the synergy by connecting scientific research results and the economic value of patents?

A: Scientific research can be less rewarding than engineering research.

To short, science is unlikely to become a business.

This is due to the fact that whereas engineering aims at the creation of phenomena, that is, "inventions," science aims at the elucidation of phenomena, that is, "discoveries."

Patents are granted for inventions as engineering research results, but not for discoveries as scientific research results.

However, the foundation of engineering research results often lies in the presence of scientific research results.

The large number of scientific discovery-based papers cited as references to patents based on engineering inventions underscores the magnitude of the relationship.

This shows that these are two sides of the same coin.

At present, we were faced with the problem of not realizing the desired synergy because of the separation of these factors.


In addition, despite the fact that science is supposed to  elucidate universal phenomena, science research results cannot ignore the sponsors’ will, which results in neglecting the pursuit of universality.

As a result, the progress of science lags behind the progress of technology (engineering), which has led to a situation in which the runaway performance of technology is concerned.


This is easy to understand by looking at the flow of investment, and by observing how investment has moved in the past and where investment is currently concentrated; we can see which areas of research are progressing. Now it is big data and AI-related. Of course, they are engineering students.

Scientific research, on the other hand, only depends on government funds. Then, scientific research results are transferred to patents of others (or other countries) by economic value of the results are incorporated into the engineering research results. MAXELE Project is also approaches to solving these problems.


This is achieved by implementing an engineering approach based on a scientific approach of "solving the intercorrelation" and "optimizing the intercorrelation." Each of these approaches is then implemented with the economic value connected.

This will enable us to accelerate and highlight the scientific research which plays the role of the foundation of progress. In other words, science and engineering are synchronized.



7-I-6. Intercorrelation and medium

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Q: "Intercorrelation" and "medium" seem to be the themes of the projects. Could you tell us more details?

A: "Intercorrelation" is a condition in which one side interacts with the other.

For example, there is a relationship in which some change occurs in one of the other.

Furthermore, there is a cycle in which changes continue to occur in a chain reaction.

To express overly, it is the underlying mechanism that forms the "eco system," "economy," "society," and "community."


A "Medium" is a person who has a relationship between one party and the other party in order to establish an intercorrelation.

When a change occurs in one, it needs a person to connect both to make a change in the other; and this is the "medium."


For example, with vibrating the vocal cords, air or water is used to generate a sound. And the action to transmit something to the outside makes voice. Here, "medium" is air or water.

It can be a thread for a thread telephone or an iron bar.

At this time, the way of transmitting sounds varies depending on the nature of the “medium”, and the way of speaking and listening changes.

In this way, "intercorrelation" and "medium" must be considered together, and the nature of "medium" determines the nature of "intercorrelation."



7-I-7. True facts

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Q: What are the essences of MAXELE Project?

A: Let me explain as a founder.

I would like to talk from the inventions and patents that support the project.

I did not invent this project from a technical background, nor from an academic approach.

This is just the result of answering the questions, "What are the root causes of the many problems in society?" and "How are they solved?" from the knowledge and frustration gained from my actual experience.

Therefore, the purpose of this project is to solve the fundamental problem. The invention is only a milestone for that purpose, and the utilization of the patent system is only a means of achieving the purpose.

Against this backdrop, the essence of this project is how to incorporate the algorithms aimed at "continuing to discover and solve the root causes of problems on a permanent basis" into societies, that is, into our intercorrelation (mechanisms), how to inject fuels into and extract energy from them, and how to generate maximal accelerations and ultimately virtuous cycle a series of processes.

In other words, there are actions that attempt to incorporate into our intercorrelation a mechanism whereby energies to resolve fundamental issues permanently and continue to flourish among us, such as magma spraying from the earth’s surface and life continuing to be born.

And our intercorrelation covers the whole spectrum of our wider and longer perceptions.

Therefore, the modality of the medium that connects us is the subject.

The essence of this project is that "passion should be easy to pick up", "everything should be rewarding".

I have compiled the MAXELE Project as a project in which everything is based on this essence, including money creation algorithm.

This is why I wanted the researcher to become a shareholder and participate in the project as a matter of own.

The essence of MAXELE Project may be philosophies.



7-II Patents

1.Positioning of patents

2.Surrender of patent

3.Patent contents

4.Significance of patents



7-II-1. Positioning of patents

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Q: What is the status of patents in the project?

A: The patent system is similar to an act of registering a land use right for a fixed period of time.

In other words, this is a legal act in which a person applies to the administration for the acquisition of a right by applying for necessary items such as where is the place, what is the land category, how much is the area, and how much is the shape.

In the patent system, there is a "claim" that defines the matters to be registered as described above.

In other words, a patent is a system whereby the exclusive license for the content of a claim is granted to the patent owner under the law.

MAXELE Project is making claims from various aspects of the basic processes that generate money on ICT platforms.

This approach, for example, is not an approach for acquiring rights to soil, rivers, lakes, plants, or organisms when looking at "jungles." Rather, it is an approach for acquiring rights to the key parts of the water cycle generation process from the viewpoint that "jungles cannot exist in the first place without water."

In other words, it can be said that it is an approach to obtain rights to the basic processes that establish eco systems.

We believe that this will enable us to acquire rights to the entire jungle.

MAXELE’s patents are the "rights" that are required to implement ICT platforms that will support the next generation of infrastructure.

In addition, the patent system does not mean that there are no rights just because the rights have not been acquired.

We are pleased to inform you that there is a patent system in each country and a priority system based on the treaty, and that the claims that will be granted in each country in the future may change based on the contents of the application specification.



7-II-2. Surrender of patent

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Q: Can we use MAXELE NET to obtain patents?

A: It is not possible.

MAXELE NET does not treat information such as research results as confidential information but as publicly known, whether it was sent to the public or to the researcher only through exchanges between researchers.

Therefore, the information accumulated in MAXELE NET can be a "prior art document" in the patent system, which prevents the acquisition of a patent.

If you have a study in which you wish to obtain a patent, you should be very careful until you file a patent application to ensure that the technical content is not publicly known at MAXELE NET.

As a result, the number of patents related to next-generation ICT platforms is fewer.

This means increasing the value of MAXELE patents that already exist.

In this respect, the dissemination of research results by researchers participating in MAXELE Project is also effective in increasing the value of MAXELE.


7-II-3. Patent contents

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Q: Please tell us about the patents (including prospects) owned by MAXELE.

A: It is a structure described as a claim in the Patent Gazette, etc.

Please refer to the patent descriptions for details, however it is briefly described below.

There are several patterns, and we will explain a typical example.


<I. Increasing/Decreasing Algorithm>

A mechanism for increasing or decreasing the amount of secondary currency so that the exchange value per unit of the secondary currency does not deviate from the exchange value per unit of the primary currency beyond the allowable amount.

For example, suppose that there is an internet-based cyberspace issuance and circulation of primary currency, and there is a real-world issuance and circulation of  secondary currency, so that the two currencies are exchanged.

If we provide a mechanism to increase or decrease the volume of secondary currency distribution (e.g. the amount of deposit held by users) so as not to deviate from the standard rate (e.g. "1"), it could be an act that infringes MAXELE patents.

This is an algorithm in which two currencies are distributed on each network. The algorithm involves changing the amount of currency on the other side in a way that tracks the unit price of the currency on the other side, and the unit price of the currency on the other side is adjusted to the unit price of the currency on the other side.


<II. Issuance algorithm based on evaluation>

"A primary currency is issued based on the evaluation of value provided free of charge, a primary currency has been written-off based on the act of consuming primary currency and acquiring value from the act of acquiring value free of charge, and the quantity of primary currency issued based on the evaluation during a certain period is determined based on the quantity of primary currency write-off based on the act during a certain period."

For example, suppose there is a circulation of primary currency issued in cyberspace on the internet, and the primary currency is issued based on an evaluation of the value provided free of charge.

Assume that you can take any action against the act of acquiring value free of charge by consuming primary currency and that the consumed primary currency is write-off.

If we provide a mechanism whereby the quantity of primary currency issued during a certain period is determined based on the quantity of primary currency write-off during a certain period, it can be an act that infringes the MAXELE’s patents.

This is, in other words, an algorithm in which the quantity of primary currency consumed to take some action on the act of acquiring a value free of charge varies with the quantity of primary currency issued based on the evaluation of the value provided free of charge.


<X.(I+II) money creation algorithm>

"A mechanism whereby secondary currency is issued in a money creation or in an ICO-like manner, and when the quantity of primary currency consumed is increased for each act, the quantity of primary currency issued increases and the quantity of secondary currency distributed increases."

This is an algorithm that makes the above I and II work together. If you provide a mechanism, it can be an act that infringes on MAXELE patents.


Thus, MAXELE patents are algorithms for controlling exchange value per unit (purchasing power size per unit) focused on issuing currency on ICT platforms.

And there have been no technologies for controlling the exchange value per unit of currency in the past.

For this reason, if currency is created and distributed independently, it may infringe MAXELE patents.

MAXELE patents are "mechanisms for issuing currency."



7-II-4. Significance of patents

地図, テキスト が含まれている画像


Q: You said that you would be acquiring patents in many countries, but should you be the only developed country with a good cost-performance?

A: There might be a problem if there are more than two new types of money invented.

This is because it enables money creation algorithm to build a region-wide economic zone in which several countries exist, while solving conventional problems.


For example, when a wide-area economic bloc that has more than one nation emerges on the planet, the level of economic friction between these wide-area economic bloc is larger than the level of economic friction between countries.

This is a good reminder of the economic clashes between coalitions of states.


Each regional economic bloc will engage its neighbors to compete with each other in order to expand its influence.

As we have seen from our past history, the principle of competition is an integral part of life’s activities, and we must always be aware of this risk.

Therefore, if money creation algorithm is not granted worldwide rights, it will be impossible to combine the enthusiasm of researchers from around the world. In addition, there is a possibility that regional economic zones will be established in various regions, or that a huge clash of energies such as the Cold War will occur in the future.

To this end, MAXELE has adopted a strategy that prevents multiple regional economic blocs by utilizing a global patenting system.

On the other hand, the MAXELE Project is the only project to establish a wide-area economic bloc.

It’s also very effective in bringing together the passion of researchers around the world.

MAXELE NET will continue to accumulate research results over time and attract people’s expectations.



7-III About Platforms

1.What is MAXELE NET?

2.Core competence


4.Operating revenue

5.Financial Instruments and Exchange Act



7-III-1. What is MAXELE NET?



Q: What are the MAXELE NET platforms?

A: Money creation algorithm and its patents are the core of this platform, with a fully membership-based researcher network surrounding it. This platform aims to connect the creativity of researchers to the future by transmitting research results to the outside world.

In other words, it’s a way of embedding into the intercorrelation to create the future from the enthusiasm of the researcher.

For example, SNS, e-commerce sites, auction sites, etc. that do not receive full service unless you become a member.

They are extensions of the bulletin board system.

Think of MAXELE NET as similar.

However, an unprecedented feature is that researchers who become so-called "regular members" are much stronger in terms of operators than in terms of users.

This is easy to imagine because the founder is also a researcher. Another unique feature is the inclusion of factors that increase the liquidity of the company’s shares.

This creates considerable liquidity even for restricted shares issued by the private company.

MAXELE NET is a networked symposium in which researchers participating in MAXELE Project can interact free of charge with everyone in the research results.



7-III-2. Core competence

テキスト, 地図 が含まれている画像


Q: What does it mean to say that "the core of the research platforms where ideas and capital circulate at the highest rate of acceleration is in the money creation algorithm of rights"?

A: The money creation algorithm serves as the deepest part of the ICT-platforms that support the infrastructure.

This is an essential configuration for the ICT platform that supports the infrastructure to function.

Money creation algorithm is responsible for creating an economic layer of human correlation, as well as an information-circulation layer.

In this way, ICT platforms that can be implemented in society on the basis of money creation algorithm serve to make our society work. On the other hand, scientific research is an approach that attempts to elucidate the intercorrelation of the world. However, it is difficult to say that scientific research is properly linked with research results and the economic value obtained from scientific research.

Each field is divided and managed in a vertical manner, and the environment is fragile in that it is interconnected in a horizontal direction without stress.

Thus, some absolute commonalities across all disciplines had to be shown to the researcher in a further connection with the economic value.

Suppose that money creation algorithm exists for these reasons.

By issuing shares of MAXELE, which holds money creation algorithm patents, to participating researchers, the economic value of the patents will be linked to each other and to each other in networks, and will be able to create an environment in which the researcher’s enthusiasm (energies) drives the maximum acceleration.

MAXELE itself, like any ICT platform you’re trying to create, is a platform.




7-III-3. Pseudonym



Q: Can you use the pseudonym for names posted to the research results or research members that you are sending?

A: You can be real or pseudonymous.

Researchers have a variety of backgrounds.

The full name is required to be officially registered as a researcher, but the name of the research members and authors of the research results listed in MAXELE NET can be pseudonymous.

Set up from the account management page.

For example, a good example of using a pseudonym is the posting of a researcher’s name to research members.

Since research members are posted in a location accessible to anyone visiting MAXELE NET, the use of the pseudonym is valid if you do not want the real name to be disclosed.

In addition, if you do not want to publish your name, it is useful to use the pseudonym because the author’s name will be the name listed in the research members in the research results that you are sending out the research by registering in the MAXELE NET archive.

In the community space of the researcher only, the name is essentially a pseudonym, and you can optionally write the real name.

You can participate in MAXELE Project without disclosing your real name outside of MAXELE.



7-III-4. Operating revenue



Q: Is there no operating revenues for MAXELE Project? Are there no assumptions?

A: No. There is to be assumed quite possible.

For example, it is assumed that companies that support MAXELE Project will be introduced via MAXELE NET.


In such cases, MAXELE NET will have a sponsorship advertising frame to reflect the enthusiasm of the researcher in the branding of the sponsoring company and the income of the sponsorship money in the share price of the MAXELE.

We believe that the research results generated by the researcher and the economic value generated by the appreciation can form a more effective intercorrelation.

When providing ICT platforms based on the money creation algorithm, which is responsible for the next generation of ICT infrastructure, MAXELE earns revenue in the form of tax collection and may license out the ICT platform. Therefore, operating revenues are not lost for the entire project.



7-III-5. Financial Instruments and Exchange Act

名刺, テキスト, 記号 が含まれている画像


Q: MAXELE NET may look like a stock exchange market, depending on your view, but is MAXELE operating business as a stock exchange market company?

A: MAXELE is not a matter of business.

In the first place, MAXELE does not provide an intermediary setting for non-proprietary equity securities.

MAXELE does not operate a research or shareholder community as a profit-making business.

Also MAXELE NET researcher and shareowner communications are conducted in a closed location to the public.

The community space provided by MAXELE is a forum for exchanging information, such as membership boards, which are provided only to shareholders (and prospective shareholders) who are the researchers participating in the project.


For MAXELE, the objective is investor relations, which are limited to researchers who have participated in projects, and public relations. It sometimes takes the form of a MAXELE offering for a third-party allotment. It may also take the form of an exchange of stock trading information by a researcher. It may also take the form of informational services related to intellectual property, security reports, participation in discussions, answers to questions, or news releases by the MAXELE.

It may also take the form of a request for share transfer approval by a researcher or an application for a capital increase. This is where the guild operates its own community space for the guild members, so to speak, only those members can participate.

Thus, the MAXELE does not apply to stock companies.

Nevertheless, MAXELE Project comprises unprecedented business schemes that need to be more sophisticated in conforming to existing legal systems. This is inevitable because the law is of such a nature that it can be put in place to chase the substance.

In the first place, the MAXELE Project is an inventive project that works on intercorrelation. Therefore, the existing laws cannot be applied without excess or deficiency, but they will be developed in the future only by presenting a firm philosophy and vision. MAXELE undertakes to carry out projects in good faith with full consultation with the competent authorities. As a system to bridge the gap between law and innovation, there are special economic zones, so we will work to advance projects using various approaches.



7-IV Stocks

1.Capital gains

2.Use of capital


4.Risk is a chance

5.Stock price

6.Class shares

7.Trading system (example)

8.IR (Investor relation)

9.Request for approval of transfer

10.       Capital policy



7-IV-1. Capital gains



Q: By not doing a profit-making business, the revenue and expenditure will only increase negatively, and finances will depend on equity financing. How will the price of shares, which is the driving force behind this increase, increase?

A: Creating research results and promoting the company’s stock price increases.

"Stock price" = "MAXELE economic value" = "economic value of patents"

The basic patents, money creation algorithm, are inventions of money to adapt to the new era, so there is no one in the world who has been doing this since now. Moreover, since this is the first ICT platform ever to emerge as an infrastructure based on money creation algorithm, we do not know how this platform will be used. Moreover, money creation algorithm is a technique that enables the distribution of money across countries without threatening national sovereignty.

In other words, although we had rights, we still didn’t know whether it was used or not, and nobody could show the basis for calculating economic value. However, only one thing is known is the magnitude of the value of rights when used, which is the largest in history.

The basis of calculation will probably be linked to GDP.

Thus, the stock price is the perfect expected value.


Whether or not it is 50% or 1%, and the extent to which it is used, is not beyond the scope of the forecast, but we believe that stock prices can be derived by reflecting the likelihood of use in the economic value of use.

Thus, an increase in the price of a stock is driven by an increase in the expected value of the stock.


At MAXELE, we believe that disseminating the results of researcher’s research to the public as needed will help us verify the money creation algorithm and improve the level of awareness, and increase the level of expectations for implementation.

We also provide a location where only researchers can participate, where they can aggregate information about their desirable purchase of shares and information about their desirable sale of shares.

We believe that this will increase the liquidity of the shares and make it easier for the shares to be market rate formed.


By expanding the number of researchers involved, creating research results, and publicizing activities, stocks will naturally rise.



7-IV-2. Use of capital

挿絵 が含まれている画像


Q: How is the capital raised by the equity issue used?

A: The capital raised is spent on increasing the stock price.

The value of MAXELE is nothing more than the value of patents.

In order to expand the scope of patent rights, we will work to expand the scope of rights in each country.

We will increase the value of the MAXELE by expanding the rights horizontally and accumulating research results vertically.


Public relations, on the other hand, are important.

If you don’t communicate well with research results, you can’t create value.

There are many languages in the world.

Translate the research results into more languages to reach more people.

Maximize MAXELE valuation by penetrating the depth of horizontally expanded rights and vertically accumulated research results.

MAXELE companies are incredibly compact. This is due to the fact that MAXELE does not have to engage in any profitable business.

No office, no laboratory, no factory, no shop, no machinery, no vehicles, no raw materials, no inventory, no advertising, no employees, no subcontractors, no customers.

As a result, MAXELE’s business costs are virtually zero.

It is no exaggeration to say that the capital raised is spent only on increasing stock prices.

This is because it is the smallest and largest approach.


7-IV-3. EXIT

テキスト, 地図 が含まれている画像


Q: Can researchers cash their shares?

A: It is possible with limitations due to the fact that shares are not listed.

Since the MAXELE is a private company to issue restricted shares, the transfer of shares must be approved by the MAXELE. The share price for the transfer of shares is determined by mutual agreement between the parties and is thus freely determined. In some cases, the Designated Purchaser may acquire shares and provide capital to the researcher in response to the researcher’s request for approval of transfer.


Since MAXELE NET provides a forum for exchanging information in which only researchers can participate, if the transfer destination of shares has not been determined, it may be helpful to search for a researcher to whom shares may be transferred in the forum.


For example, when selling stocks, it is important to have them valued more highly.

The logic of MAXELE Project is to allow the researcher-self to increase the stock price. Therefore, researchers who have the willingness and means to increase stock prices may want more shares at an earlier time. Find such a researcher through MAXELE NET. The stock price will naturally be highly valued. Equities will be held more by researchers who have greater power to increase stock prices.

Plan to create a security token for the stock


7-IV-4. Risk is a chance

Q: Is there a fixed number of shares to be issued to the researcher?

A: In addition to the matters specified in the Articles of Incorporation, there are no specific rules.

For example, the initial share price may be low, so the number of shares issued may be relatively large relative to the amount of equity capital invested. For example, the share price may be higher when research results are accumulated, patent rights are expanded, recognition is increased, and the expected value of the patent is increased. Therefore, the number of shares issued may be relatively small relative to the amount of capital invested.

The size of the capital invested also varies by researcher. In the fact,  the lower risk and law returns are expected be a possible higher return. Please refer to IR for information such as the number of shares authorized to be issued. Run up the stairs together to the larger stage.


7-IV-5. Stock price



Q: Listed companies always know the stock price. How do you know the private company MAXELE stock price?

A: The stock price is determined by its liquidity market rate.

Generally speaking, private company’s restricted shares are largely illiquid in the first place because of the lack of trading markets, the small number of shareholders, and the lack of disclosure of transaction details.

As a result, there was almost no market rate in restricted shares and there was no way of knowing the objective stock price.


MAXELE does not restrict nationalities and other attributes, and constantly calls for the participation of a wide range of researchers.

We then issue an ID to those who have participated as researchers, and we have set the time to become a shareholder.

In addition, the MAXELE NET allows the researcher to transmit information about the proposed purchase and sale of the shares to other researchers.


This is an approach that creates the reasons why a market rate is formed by providing researchers with an environment that allows them to exchange information, which is the basis of liquidity.

The larger the value found in the MAXELE, the larger the stock price of the researcher’s preferred buying information and preferred selling information, and the smaller the value found in the MAXELE, the smaller the stock price.


It is also influenced by the number of researchers participating in the project.

It will naturally form a market rate.

It can be used as a basis for calculating stock prices in the case of a third-party allotment of shares.

Particularly in a glassy MAXELE where companies are so compact that all information is disclosed to researchers, it is sufficient to simply consider the value of intellectual-property rights, such as patents, related to the invented money, when determining the stock price.

Be a researcher and have access to information.

MAXELE’s stock price will be known there.


Plan to create a security token for the stock




7-IV-6. Class shares



Q: There seem to be two kinds of stocks. What is that?

A: This is because there are class B stocks other than common stocks that subordinate their proprietary rights to voting rights.

In order to reduce the risks of participating researchers as much as possible and to reflect the intentions of the Founder, MAXELE Project has issued to the Founder 200,000 shares of Class B shares, which are substantially 10 times the voting rights at the start of the project, up to the maximum number of shares issuable.


This resulted in a substantial reduction in the voting rights of 2 million shares of common stock available for issuance thereafter by one-tenth, together with the issuance of preferred residual assets distribution rights to common stock.

These shareholdings enable the issuance of common stock with a priority on proprietary rights to shareholders who participate in the project, thereby reducing investment risk and powerfully motivating the founders.

This indicates that even shareholders who have acquired a maximum of two million shares of common stock cannot resolve beyond the voting rights of 200,000 class B shares.




7-IV-7. Trading system (example)



Q: What are the MAXELE NET stock trading systems?

A: As a prerequisite, it is operated in accordance with and within the scope of the legal system.

It approaches, for example, the following matching system for securities markets.

The researcher creates purchase request data or sell request data and either proceeds or registers them in the system as a limit price.


Here, you can refer to the contract information between the request data and the request data based on the unspecified specified values.

In addition, the system determines whether the quantity of shares included in the data on the request for sale is within the quantity held based on the recorded contents of the register of shareholders and registers the data on the request for sale in the system based on the judgment.

This creates the premise that the market rate will be created.

Based on the required data thus contracted, the MAXELE will perform the prescribed transfer authorization procedures.


Once the transfer has been approved, the record in the register of shareholders will be updated based on the agreed upon required data.

This will transfer the shares between the researchers.


In addition, based on the contents of the shareholder register and past transfer approved contract information, the researcher may refer to information such as the number of shares held by the researcher.

In addition, subscriptions for capital increases through third-party allotment by the MAXELE will also be made.

In this case, the capital increase etc. will be as if it were registered in the data of the request for sale based on the researcher’s limit.

Settlement services outside the systems will be used for capital transfer as a means of settlement.


A fee will be charged to the relevant researcher to rewrite the register of shareholders.

These matching systems allow even unlisted stocks to liquidate and form a market rate.

Characteristics are that the matching system users are limited to the researchers participating in the project, and that there is a transfer approval procedure.


In practice, the system is operated in the light of the legal system, so this does not necessarily mean the system described above.




7-IV-8. IR (Investor relation)

時計 が含まれている画像


Q: Do you provide securities reports, like listed companies, that can be used as a basis for stock prices?

A: Financial Instruments and Exchange Act is of course warranted, and it is provided even if there are no legal obligations.

Economic value as a consideration for the research results created by the researcher’s enthusiasm is obtained by appreciating the stock price. Effective two-way communications between stakeholders are crucial for equities to receive a fair value assessment.

MAXELE supports the creation of fair stock prices by providing as much information as possible on the status of patenting and the progress of projects.

In addition, we will promote transparent management that covers the entire surface of the company. It will be a minimal, simple, and clear concept that has never been seen anywhere before.

7-IV-9. Request for approval of transfer



Q: MAXELE approval is required for the transfer of shares. How will the transfer approval process via MAXELE NET be when buying and selling shares?

A: As a general rule, transfers of shares between participating researcher(s) are automatically approved two weeks after the date of the transfer request via MAXELE NET.

After approval, the register of shareholders is promptly rewritten.

This indicates that "no action was taken to deny a request for share transfer approval" under the Companies Act.

It also shows that the transfer of shares between researchers takes at least two weeks.

If, for any reason, the MAXELE denies a request for authorization of transfer, the shares to be transferred will be purchased by the designated purchaser or the MAXELE in accordance with the company law.

As described above, restricted shares are subject to certain restrictions on distribution, unlike shares that are generally in circulation.

MAXELE Project leverages this system to create the "open innovation platforms" of MAXELE NET by researchers.


Plan to create a security token for the stock

7-IV-10. Capital policy

名刺 が含まれている画像


Q: The stakeholder in the project appears to be almost exclusively shareholders. Are there any other distinctive capital policies?

A: We have a stock price-linked compensation system.

For example, the current money settlement of debt and credit offsets, such as by transferring deposits and money, is a quick way to settle past debts and credits without being left between the parties concerned.

However, this has raised the issue that it is unlikely that a long-term and progressive relationship of trust will arise between the parties concerned.

In order to curb the outflow of capital raised through the issuance of shares and to provide incentives for related parties to perform their duties, the MAXELE will adopt stock price-linked compensation schemes such as Restricted Stock (RS) as a settlement measure for expenditures.

For example, it is effective to incorporate into the payment process, such as executive compensation, that results from expenditures can easily vary.


This ensures that members participating in MAXELE Project shares a shared shareholder position and are expected to further increase the price of their shares.

MAXELE Project aims to create a structure in which all stakeholders are shareholders.




7-V Participation

1.Significance of participation


3.Research results

4.Juridical person

5.Principles and Exceptions




7-V-1. Significance of participation



Q: Why do the researcher invest in MAXELE and contribute free of charge to research results?

A: There may also be reasons for each of us to demonstrate a passionate research results to the world, to evaluate it, and to obtain the economic value that accompanies it.

It’s also a sympathy for MAXELE Project.

Generally, in economics, money is received as a consideration for providing the value.

This is a direct settlement between the debt and the receivables, and is an unaccompanied loan settlement.

MAXELE NET does not perform this generic settlement.

However, researchers can increase the value of the MAXELE itself by providing value to the public in the form of free scientific papers.

This is because MAXELE holds money creation algorithm patents.

The scope of a money creation algorithm’s social impact is not limited.

For the most part, free papers etc will be related to money creation algorithm.

In other words, papers provided free-of-charge by researchers support the money creation algorithm from an academic perspective and brush up future ICT platforms.

This means increasing the economic value contained in the patents held by MAXELE.

For these reasons, we needed to have MAXELE’s shares held by the researcher.

This leads to a direct link between the passionate research results of the researcher and the economic value that comes from it.

The researcher will acquire shares of MAXELE and create good research results.

The beginning is the founder.

The founder is also a researcher.




7-V-2. Freedom

スクリーンショット が含まれている画像


Q: Is there no obligation on the researcher?

A: Researchers participating in MAXELE Project are not obligated.

MAXELE expects that papers and other materials will be provided by the researcher, but does not require them to be provided.

Although there is a general meeting of shareholders, attendance is not mandatory, and no other meeting is required.


The main business of the researchers involved is diverse.

Scientists, engineers, researchers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, students, writers, politicians, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, economists, journalists, artists, programmers, critics, civil servants, bankers, company employees, sole proprietors, activists, or investors are not particularly restricted.


The timing of research results creation is not uniform, but is also influenced by the business of your core business.

MAXELE is committed to supporting the researcher’s enthusiasm to create research results.




7-V-3. Research results

座る, ベンチ が含まれている画像


Q: What should the participating researcher provide as a research results?

A: There are no restrictions on documents that can be sent from MAXELE NET.

For example, it may not be limited to scientific papers, but may include the challenges of money creation algorithm based ICT platforms, solutions, and benefits derived from ICT platforms.

It may be verified from various aspects.

It may also be, for example, a commentary or a review of conventional financial systems or economic theories.

It may be current affairs, political, religious, educational, life, work, hobby, friend, substance, cognition, technology, hypothesis, calculations, statistics, or whatever. Themes and approaches depend on the passion of the researcher.

It is very difficult to judge what effect it has on the future.

For example, the impact of Manga on society has become very large.

Easy-to-understand and beautiful expressions enhance appeal to readers.

The researcher’s best representation varies, and the reader’s sensitivity varies.

The research results are left to the discretion of the researcher.



7-V-4. Registration

記号 が含まれている画像


Q: Is it okay for a researcher to invest from an individual or a corporation?

A: There is no problem. Shareholder attributes are not particularly limited.

Shares can be held if they meet the legal requirements for becoming a shareholder, including nationality and corporate form.


Even then, the researcher should specify the individual.

It may be an officer, director or employee.

To change the specified individual, follow the specified procedures.

The reason why a corporation should designate an individual as a researcher is that, as long as the work as a research results is created by human creativity, the author is not a corporation, and the research results is based on the creativity of the individual.


The shareholder’s name on the shareholder’s register is either an official personal name or a corporate name. Therefore, if a shareholder participates in a project and is officially registered as a researcher, he or she will sign in to MAXELE NET using an initially issued account before completing the prescribed application procedure.

After the researcher has been registered, all the functions are available, and the researcher transmits research results, subscribes to the capital increase as a legitimate registrant, requests for authorization of transfer of shares as a legitimate registrant, and exchanges various other information.


In the application process, the applicant shall be verified as not an individual or juridical person, such as an anti-social force, who should not be invited to participate in the project as a research institution.

We will increase the value of MAXELE NET by making certain application procedures more rigorous and thereby increase the price of the shares.


7-V-5. Principles and Exceptions

Q: Is it possible to participate in research without investment or investment without research?

A: It’s possible, but it’s not a way that anyone can recommend.

It is valuable for the researcher to provide the research results free-of-charge without holding the shares. It’s wonderful to be passionate and committed to providing the value of the future. However, efforts that do not link economic value forever may one day reduce the heat of researcher passion.

Investments that do not involve research may be merely speculative.

Investment by angels and others to support projects over the long term is a great and rewarding act. MAXELE are ready to receive support from angels and others.

However, investments that do not participate in the MAXELE NET research network platform can cause projects to resist obtaining maximum accelerations.

For these reasons, in principle, please regard participation as an "researcher = shareholder" with the exception of other participation methods.

In addition, since you will not yet be a shareholder at the beginning of your participation as a researcher (at the time of account registration), you will be participating in a researcher without any investment as a step.

We look forward to your acquisition of shares as soon as possible.

7-V-6. Liberation

挿絵 が含まれている画像


Q: What does it mean to release the researcher?

A: Generally, researchers who belong to organizations such as companies are asked by the Intellectual Property Department to apply for patents in order to generate economic value from research results.

This is a common-sense concept for general companies, which would not have been able to operate without profit.

Presentations at academic conferences and submissions to peer-reviewed journals are required after patent applications are filed.

In MAXELE Project, articles contributed by participating researchers are treated as publicly known.

In addition, exchanges of technical information, etc., in the field of exchange by the researcher alone shall also be treated as a public knowledge.

This is due to MAXELE’s abandonment of new patents and its pursuit of purely research results creation without requiring researchers to enter into NDAs.

This allows researchers to participate in MAXELE Project without any restrictions on their own passion and freedom.

There is no duty, no deadline, no monitoring, no repression.

But each activity is there.

MAXELE Project is social mechanisms that free researchers from servitude and extract maximum accelerations from their passions.




7-VI Nesting

1.Implementation processes (delegation of seigniorage)

2.Exercise of the right to issue currency (power)



7-VI-1. Implementation processes (delegation of Seigniorage)

スクリーンショット, 抽象 が含まれている画像


Q: Could you tell us about these processes to optimize intercorrelation as the basis for financial systems as a next generation infrastructure?

A: The following is an overview of the maximum process within which logic is established.

Since MAXELE is a joint stock company, its organizational structure can be modified by transferring the ownership of shares.

This starts with the transfer of all or part of the shares to Government A or central bank A (hereinafter referred to as "A") and B, C, and D (hereinafter referred to as "Member Government") as the same organization as A by a resolution of the Board of Directors and General Meeting of Shareholders.

For researchers participating in MAXELE Project, this is the ultimate investment-oriented EXIT and the timing of acquiring the economic value included in the value generated for the role they played.

By exercising its voting rights at the general meeting of shareholders, member governments can not only control MAXELE indirectly, but can also exercise their voting rights indirectly at the board of directors through the election of directors.

Directors elected by member governments shall be members of the Board of Directors and, at the same time, shall be elected by resolution of the Board of Directors. Representative Directors shall represent the MAXELE. As a result, MAXELE operates as a multilateral institution in which member governments are shareholders.

Subsequently, if the number of member governments is increased, MAXELE will allocate additional stocks to third parties. Ultimately, MAXELE can increase the number of its member governments, so it is best for all countries to aim to become a member government.

Here, MAXELE’s business is to provide ICT-platforms to support ICT-related infrastructure. MAXELE then delegates the currency issuing authority to all member governments on the ICT-platforms it builds. This will provide an environment in which member governments can switch their own currency to a new type of currency, and the currency switching operation will be carried out at the initiative of the member governments thereafter.

The ICT platforms "INTERCURRENCY" and "INTERVERSE" will be gradually used by the citizens of the member states that have switched their currencies. It is also possible for each member government to distribute its own banknotes through a bank as it has in the past.

The ICT platforms provided by MAXELE can only be used by installing dedicated applications on devices. Therefore, even if the country is not switching currencies, or even if the country is not a member state shareholder of MAXELE, it is possible for the people of that country to use "INTERCURRENCY" and "INTERVERSE".

These processes enable MAXELE to implement ICT platforms that optimize intercorrelation as the basis for financial systems. MAXELE does not conduct banking operations because it does not exercise its currency issuance rights, and operates ICT platforms as part of its wide-area economic bloc information sharing infrastructure business. In this way, MAXELE will be able to distribute "INTERCURRENCY" to the wide-area economic zone through the banks belonging to the member governments, based on the right to issue currencies delegated to the member governments.

Big data accumulated on ICT platforms will be managed only by MAXELE, and information will not be directly attributed to member governments. At this time, member governments will begin to make MAXELE inquiries about terrorism, money and crimes, based on MAXELE rules that are resolved at the general meeting of shareholders and stated in the Articles of Incorporation, as well as their own laws.

MAXELE will have an aspect of the media platforms as well as an aspect of the international intelligence agencies that has its own tax collection capability.

This sets the preconditions for the evolution of journalism and liberalism as well as capitalism.

For more information, see the white paper showing the theoretical scheme and the patent specification showing the algorithm.

7-VI-2. Exercise of the right to issue currency (power)

抽象, スクリーンショット, 挿絵, 時計 が含まれている画像


Q: Please outline the MAXELE that ICT platforms that optimize intercorrelation can be provided independently by using your own currency issuing power.

A: The following is an example of how logic works.

MAXELE is able to deliver its INTERCURRENCY to the marketplace on its own by performing the Initial Coin Offering. This is similar to a conventional staple coin. However, a significant difference is that the INTERCURRENCY supplied to the marketplace is characterized by autonomously increasing or decreasing its volume to maintain a constant unit exchange value (purchasing power per unit). This indicates that INTERCURRENCY will continue to grow autonomously as demand grows, and in other words, it is a naturally occurring currency.

The presence of patented money creation algorithm as a function of increasing or decreasing the quantity so as to maintain a constant unit price eliminates the need for any assets subject to pegging. This means that the MAXELE does not need to protect the external assets raised by the ICO.


INTERCURRENCY differs from traditional stable coins in that MAXELE can freely use ICO-financed external assets for its business.

In addition, one of the bigger differences from conventional staple coins is the ability to independently build money creation systems. This would be like MAXELE’S banking operations, which would allow INTERCURRENCY to be provided to markets through loans and equity investments.

This innovation is also realized by INTERCURRENCY because it has its own capability to maintain a constant unit price without requiring any assets subject to pegging.

As for MAXELE’s banking business, it is reasonable to set up a commercial and industrial bank as an agent in each region, and the MAXELE is focused on central bank business.


These unprecedented features are present in MAXELE’s available ICT platforms, but patented money creation algorithm exists as a core technology to achieve this. Money creation algorithm is a technique that creates "true money" that does not depend on anything: mandatory circulation power, exchange rate mechanisms, or assets subject to pegs. MAXELE’s currency issuance rights are not traditionally of an exogenous nature, but of an endogenous nature that it has originally possessed.

MAXELE’s currency rights to issue are the ‘driving forces’ that no one can threaten unless they are legally regulated.



Part8 Greetings

MAXELE Project is not only a project that involves a social infrastructure, but also an unprecedented and unique project that seeks to transform a social infrastructure.

Project schemes for achieving the project missions are also unique.

Although its core algorithm is simple, it is a patented  invention and has unconventional concepts.

This is a unique business model that you have never seen before because the revenues from the operations of the ICT platforms are like a currency tax that you issue and circulate.

Although the information we have provided you to grasp this project became huge, I would appreciate your great effort to take a look at all.

In the end, I would like to ask you. In addition to this White Paper, please see both White Paper on our fundamental theories and detailed patent report of our algorithm thoroughly, then evaluate our MAXELE Project.

We would be very grateful if you could support the MAXELE Project.

Thank you very much for showing your interests in the MAXELE Project.

I wish this opportunity, presenting in front of you all, will be a hope for our future.


Kazutoyo Watanabe

Founder & C.E.O of MAXELE Inc.

Part 9 event schedule

March 2020: Full disclosure of the project

June 2020: A capital and business alliance was concluded

September 2020: Starting operation of MAXELE NET

November 2020: All patent applications to PCT member countries were transferred to the same country.


2038: Lapse of the patent



Part10 MAXELE Project

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