Forging a New Era


The infrastructure of this project is an ICT platform. This allows real life applications to be integrated with the project by applying an innovative money-creation algorithm which optimizes the intercorrelation.

This is a medium that was born from the dual circulating mechanism. It unifies the two networks of cyberspace and physical space.


An algorithm that affects intercorrelation.
An algorithm that significantly affects the circulation mechanism of a medium.

Its effects must be monitored in order to determine the most ideal method for optimal results.


“Zero”, the element that creates infinite possibilities.
Overturn or build upon previous conceptions to innovate and expand the limit of core competence.


A circulation of information that is based on individually written language on monetary systems.
These correlations determine each role and value.
The results stem from the way the medium circulates.

We continue our pursuit of discovery and forging new research and continue to refine the algorithm that affects the mechanism.