Executive summary


The “Global stable coin” ICO project.

This will act as the foundation for future economic systems.





[Table of Contents]

0, Background

1, Issuance of the global stable coin “INTERCURRENCY” using ICO

2, Mechanism of “INTERVERSE” cyber economic bloc using procurement funds

3, Role of “MAXELE NET” to maximize ICO structure and significance of STO

4, Business scheme summary

5, Schedule

6, Strategy

7, Supplement





0, Background


0-1, Growing trend for CBDC development

 Since November 2019, information on the issuance of the Chinese Digital RMB has been gathering attention. This is considered as an attempt to overtake the US dollar dependency of the global settlement currency, perhaps the reason China wants to do this because the currency will become an obstacle belt and road initiative of a regional economic bloc. In the BRICS, the issuance of a digital currency to break away from dependency on the U.S. dollar appears to be a subject of debate. There are also African ECO. There is also a concept of digital Euros. Estonia’s Est coin has been stalled by pressure from the EU and other factors. And the incident of in Petro of Venezuela.
 In any case, digital currency exists as a means for each country to conduct research and development. It is no exaggeration to say that we are about to enter the era of currency wars.



0-2, Much anticipated global stable coin

In June 2019, Facebook’s announcement of the Libra Project brought the world to think about the potential of a global stable coin. This is because the current vulnerability of the financial system has become apparent from the viewpoint of financial inclusion and international remittances. However, this did not immediately prove stable coin’s superiority over traditional financial systems, and stable coin was considered to have a major challenge in the first place.


We enter currency markets with a focus on these issues and inventive technologies that fundamentally resolve the challenges of the traditional financial systems.




1, Provision of INTERCURRENCY


1-1, Provision of global stable coin by ICO

Unlike conventional stable coin, we issue a fully independent global stable coin that does not depend on legal currency or foreign exchange system. All of the funds we raised in consideration of the issuance of INTERCURRENCY by the ICO will be calculated as our income, this is made possible by the existence of the patent algorithms. The MAXELE Project is an unprecedented ICO project to issue the stablecoin “INTERCURRENCY” as a complete utility token.
 We build the platform with ICO funding.

Unprecedented ability to raise funds



1-2, Provision of global bank money through credit issuance (money creation)

The INTERCURRENCY we issue differs from the conventional stable coin in a way that INTERCURRENCY can be issued to the marketplace as bank money.
 We provide an environment in which INTERCURRENCY can be transferred as a legal currency by delegating the rights to issue INTERCURRENCY credit (currency issuance right) to conventional central banks.

Birth of an unlimited standardized digital currency of standardized money creation



1-3, Unique feature of INTERCURRENCY (independent currency issuance)


1-3-1, Funding procured by ICO is recorded as income.

The conventional stable coin is stabilizing the value of a stable coin by using ICO-financed funds. INTERCURRENCY, on the other hand, stabilizes (controls) the value with invented patented algorithms. Therefore, all of the funding raised by INTERCURRENCY’s ICO will be calculated as our income.
 We use these funds to build ICT platforms.



1-3-2, Money creation made possible, this is made possible due to the property of peg assets don’t exist.

 The issuance of INTERCURRENCY is not specifically limited to ICO, but can be provided as bank money as well as traditional financial systems. In other words, money creation through loans (including underwriting of government bonds) is available. This indicates that INTERCURRENCY can also be provided as a central bank digital currency (CBDC). In addition, by transferring credit issuance rights (money issuance rights) to several central banks, a regional economic bloc can be created while maintaining sovereignty based on each country.



1-3-3, Purchasing power is its own standardized currency.

 INTERCURRENCY is an autonomous purchasing power-oriented money based on patented inventions algorithms. The money also controls the size of the purchasing power per unit. In addition, the dual-circulating mechanism (two integrated value exchange medium, coordinated circulation systems) enables unlimited money creation.



1-3-4, Being an autonomous interest rate currency.

 It is very effective if you can arbitrarily reduce the purchasing power per unit of money. The INTERCURRENCY is able to arbitrarily depreciate per-unit purchasing power. The purchasing power lost by the devaluation can then be set aside for new INTERCURRENCY issuance. In addition, the resources to be reserved can be varied according to the user’s purchasing activities. In other words, INTERCURRENCY is money that generates interest within the purchasing power side autonomously, while it can generate negative interest on the retrieved side (i.e., one with more savings than purchasing power). The INTERCURRENCY can generate the following mechanisms autonomously.



1-3-5, Generating purchasing power by standardizing purchasing power.

INTERCURRENCY and INTERVERSE were born of Fintec algorithms invented by Founder. The essence is that from the intercorrelation of the users’ economic activities, the users’ purchasing power itself has been given priority to the value exchange medium they issue. In the past, for example, the value of external assets, such as gold, oil, electricity, and legal currency, has focused on the value of the value exchange medium to be issued, and has attempted to create a purchasing power in the value exchange medium. However, such efforts have not been successful.
 Without relying on the value of external assets, INTERCURRENCY places its value on the endogenously generated purchasing powers within its own ICT platforms due to user correlations. That is to say, the value exchange medium that harbors the purchasing power itself is INTERCURRENCY, and this is the result it becomes a standardized digital currency.



1-3-6, The standardized currency with unlimited money creation capability.

No money creation can be made from real assets such as gold or oil. On the other hand,

There is no solid purchasing power in the value exchange medium created by money creation. There has been no value exchange medium in the past that allows purchasing power to be embedded in itself and money creation at the same time.
 INTERCURRENCY was born of invented fintech algorithms that simultaneously passed these two contradictory propositions.

INTERCURRENCY is an unprecedented medium for exchanging value that can be issued not only as a global stable coin through pure ICO, but also as a global bank money.




2, Provision of INTERVERSE


2-1, Provision of INTERCURRENCY’s circulation of the global cyber economic bloc

We build a global cyber economic bloc with proprietary currency INTERCURRENCY, which circulates in the Internet.

 Until now, there have been several marketplaces on the Internet, but no economic bloc has emerged as yet. Under these circumstances, the Internet itself was made up of networks of devices without the concept of a country. Under these circumstances, the currency, which is a component of the economic bloc, differed from country to country, and a marketplace that did not have its own means of payment could not have become a economic bloc.
 We use INTERCURRENCY to build a economic bloc called INTERVERSE on the Internet. The cost of the construction will be financed by INTERCURRENCY ICO. The world will able to gain an enormous economic bloc that never seen before.

A new continent, INTERVERSE, will emerge over the people.



2-2, Unique feature of INTERVERSE (the global cyber economic bloc in which the currency exists within)


2-2-1, The economic value of contents provided free of charge is quantified and the currency is issued.

 INTERVERSE quantifies the economic value of the content provided by users free of charge, including articles, books, videos, animations, still pictures, news, dramas, cinemas, music, designs, and research papers, using patent algorithms, and issues INTERCURRENCY to users who have provided the content. The INTERCURRENCY issued here is equivalent to the quantified economic value and is issued to the user with “zero” intermediate exploitation. Algorithms also appropriately quantify economic value when providing or acquiring free content across countries across the purchasing power.
 As a result, users who provide content for free of charge are increasingly motivated to provide content, and INTERVERSE will be able to gather high-quality content. And this will continue to virtuous cycle through synergy of network effects based on patent algorithms. Still, this will lead to a relative deterioration in the quality of the content acquired through the search engine. ※ Naturally, search bots are designed to prevent INTERVERSE entry.



2-2-2, Cyber economic bloc that owns its independent currency.

 The INTERVERSE allows users to engage in economic activities with each other, but in some cases, the means of settlement is limited to the INTERCURRENCY. For example, articles, books, videos, animations, still pictures, news, dramas, variety, cinemas, music, designs, papers, and other users who wish to obtain the value (content) of goods and services provided by a user for a free of charge acquires the value (content)  by getting paid by other users within the INTERCURRENCY. Here, the term “value” does not mean that there is any particular limitation if it can be expressed as data. For example, you can implement VR technology in your INTERVERSE and sell homes and automobiles by demonstrating within the VR fields (sales by experience). In addition, since INTERVERSE is not a physical domain, there is no concept of distances, and these will be constructed across countries.
 As described above, common economic activities will be conducted at the cyber economic bloc on the Internet. The existence of a currency is one of the factors that will make this happen. To put it another way, there are legal currencies in the country, and the economy will be established by the INTERCURRENCY of INTERVERSE so that the economy can be established.



2-2-3, Big data that are refluxed between users.

 Big data, which continues to accumulate as users use INTERVERSE, can be provided to users for a fee. It should be noted here that “fee” does not mean that the user pays us for the INTERCURRENCY, but rather that the user consumes the INTERCURRENCY and cancel-out the INTERCURRENCY when acquiring big data. That is to say, a user “AA” who wants to obtain information such as consumption trends of a particular region “A” can obtain big data limited to the region “A” by consuming INTERCURRENCY in INTERVERSE, and a user “AA” can obtain rational economic value from the acquired region “A” by analyzing big data of the region “A” using AI.
 This will resolve the big data oligomerization issue and provide a data science platform with INTERVERSE at its core. Specifically, we provide a platform that allows big data to flow back into each other’s economies, rather than using it to benefit their businesses.




3, Provision of MAXELE NET


3-1, Providing a research networking platform to brush up the designs of these platforms before the creation of INTERCURRENCY & INTERVERSE

 We don’t have to rush to implement ICOs as we have done in the conventional stable coin. In order to implement ICO properly, we will spend a good amount of time to improve the INTERCURRENCY & INTERVERSE that we are able to provide in the future.
 To this end, we will build research networks and provide an open innovation platform called MAXELE NET.

Dual circulating scheme’s two-stage based business model



3-2, Measures to increase the liquidity of shares by converting shares into security token in order to globalize and expand results

The researchers participating in MAXELE NET. provides an environment in which user can buy and sell their own shares using security token, to motivate research, and provide an environment in which the results of research are properly linked to the economic value created.

Measures to maximize ICO performance (funding scale)



3-3, Unique feature of MAXELE NET (the direct, open innovation platforms of the economic value created)


3-3-1, As an attempt to raising a companion into the world.

 Not all of the basic theoretical architecture of MAXELE projects, and the patents on the basic algorithms that comprise the ICT platforms, are considered to be 100%  functional. In addition, while MAXELE projects have so far been undertaken by a single founder, the current structure of our patent portfolios has enabled us to extend the R&D term to a considerable extent. In particular, we don’t have to rush to implement ICO, and for a few years it can be more effective to arm ourselves with theory and foster public opinion, even to maximize the scale of future ICO implementation.
 In addition, there has also been a rapid internationalization of the security token of privately held stocks to circulate within blockchains. This is particularly effective in increasing the liquidity of our stocks. ※ Preposition of ICO in regards to STO
 From the above mentioned, we have decided to provide an environment that maximizes the scale of the INTERCURRENCY & INTERVERSE, which is an implementation of ICO platform prior to actually begin the  ICO. This is because the scale of ICO implementation can be large or small, depending on the user’s expectations, and because the funding raised by INTERCURRENCY ICO is recorded in our revenues (which has not existed in the past in the conventional stable coin), the future balance sheet is sought to be sound (to increase net worth). In other words, it is a very long-term profit-making act.
 Specifically, we will first build a global researcher network called MAXELE NET. This is similar to what it means to create a patrician of the founder. Researchers will be able to acquire security token shares, and each will be free to distribute their research papers to the public on MAXELE NET. MAXELE NET also provides SNS platforms between researchers. Investigators, including founders, will distribute papers from various aspects to the public in order to increase the size of the ICO to be implemented over time and to increase the stock price. In other words, this is the practice of embedding an influencer network in its platform. MAXELE board members will try to invite more talented researchers to participate as researchers in the project.




4, Business scheme summary

 This project is generally described as an ICO project.

 More specifically, this project involves the issuance and distribution of a global stable coin called INTERCURRENCY through ICO and the creation of an Internet-based platform INTERVERSE. In this sense, the official site https://maxele.net/ is white paper itself. Publicizing official websites in multiple languages and disseminating information to the world is another measure to expand the scale of ICO implementation. In addition, the full utilization of the patent system to develop exclusive license for the project internationally can be seen as a measure to expand the scale of implementation of ICO.

 Thus, from the perspective of ICO, it is important to maximize the scale of ICO implementation.

 This project will leverage our patents to build a global network of researchers to brush up the ICT platforms (INTERCURRENCY & INTERVERSE) we are building prior to implementing the ICO. This project will maximize the scale of ICO implementation by utilizing the patent system and by setting up an additional research and development period to some extent. In other words, the open Innovation Platform “MAXELE NET” is a scheme designed to theoretically arm and foster public opinion in the INTERCURRENCY & INTERVERSE ICT platform of future.


We maximize the scale of ICO implementation and increase the success rate of projects by leveraging the power of cutting edge economists and others prior to the implementation of ICO.




5, Schedule


5-1, Disclosure of an official site (white paper)

 In February 2020, all of the projects were distributed globally with the establishment of three patents in Japan (with priority rights until November 2020 for international applications) and completion of the brush up of the English language website.

Publish projects and add new language sites from time to time



5-2, Selection of capital and business alliance partners

 From February to June 2020, to develop projects at maximum speed,  we will start to access capital and business alliances

Securing insufficient resources and realizing business synergies



5-3, National transition of patent applications

 Patent applications (transition to national status) to each country with translations of PCT application specifications by the expiration of priority date in November 2020

Click here for PCT application specification



5-4 , Operation of MAXELE NET (Open Innovation Platform)

 During the period until the implementation of ICOs (about one to five years), researchers participating in projects gathered to upgrade INTERCURRENCY & INTERVERSE and develop public relations activities.

Foster discussions before ICO implementation




6, Strategy


6-1, Breaking language barriers

 Language barriers should be removed in MAXELE NET as well as in INTERVERSE from the perspective of cross-country intelligence circulation. The only corresponding technology is AI machine translation.
 We believe that AI-machine translation technology plays an important role in information circulation worldwide, not only in the smooth circulation of information between different languages but also in the maintenance and development of the identity of each ethnic group. Instead of creating a unified environment in which one large entity swallows the other small one, it is the common desire of mankind to create a unified environment in which each can exist independently. This is also synchronized with the beliefs of MAXELE projects.
 We seek synergies with a leading company with AI machine translation technology.



6-2, Contact with potential competitors

 As a potential competitor to INTERCURRENCY, the virtual currency (encryption assets) platform format has a leading stable coin, but no advanced technologies have been identified in the traditional stable coin, and external assets raised by ICOs need to be preserved in order to stabilize the value of the stable coin they issue. So the traditional stable coin needs to overcome all existing obstacles (most of which are already being derailed) but it is very interesting to see what would happen if we merged with the virtual currency platform format. I wonder if the missions are the same, but it is conceivable that they have forces that do not possess with each other, and that they can seek forces that do not possess.
 We explore synergies with leading companies on the occasion of the project’s public disclosure.




7, Supplement


7-1, Significance of the name

 INTERCURRENCY is not a type of stable coin. A INTERCURRENCY is a category that exists in parallel with a stable coin. If it is expressed in units of INTERCURRENCY currencies, perhaps”E-bancor” may be the closest. In other words, “E-bancor” is equivalent to “Libra” and so on, and “INTERCURRENCY” is a generic term for a digital-based currency such as “E-bancor.”
 The same applies to INTERVERSE. The INTERCURRENCY’s circulation Internet-based economic bloc is INTERVERSE. The name of the INTERVERSE should be named arbitrarily.



7-2, Legislation and taxation

 Responses to ICO vary from country to country. For example, in countries such as Switzerland, Estonia, Belarus and Singapore, a different environment for ICO is implemented. This is easy to imagine, for example, because Libra is based in Switzerland.
 We will search for a base ground to run ICO (INTERCURRENCY & INTERVERSE) as we move ahead with additional R&D through MAXELE NET. We also believe that this will increase the importance of relationships with companies that engage in capital and business alliances.