Synergy of passion


In 2018, the founder invented money creation and a circulation technology that, while being a standardized currency (commodity money with a value in use in addition to exchange value), can control the unit price of the coin (the amount of purchasing power per unit) endogenously and autonomously.

Additionally, the founder also invented an ICT platform configuration technology that effectively circulates the created journals and economic value therein.

Today, we hold intellectual property rights for the core monetary creation algorithm based on the international intellectual property protection system.


Although it does not exist in a particular place, it can be accessed from anywhere.

The project lacks physical location but is designed to be conveniently ubiquitous. Therefore, it can be accessed from any given site.

While a tangible, profitable business may not exist physically, through this system and its algorithm, anyone can access research results that produce economic value, free of charge.

“MAXELE NET®” is a network laboratory that creates economic value for research results, provided free of charge by researchers, and continues to expand its circulation.


Researchers within the project hope to create a chain reaction of passion oriented work and research.
While viewpoints, opinions, and personal paradigms may vary, our goal remains unified.

Information will be linked together.
Problem-solving, innovation, discussions, support, demands, or even complaints, are linked together, and together we can acquire “Opportunity.”

“Opportunity” can even include stock trading information.
We, the team endeavoring to approach intercorrelation, also exist inside this intercorrelation.

We’re all in it together.


Management of intellectual property of the MAXELE Project, where corporate value and intellectual property value are directly linked, is of the utmost importance.

Also, the disclosure of information on the MAXELE Project, which is a private company, may have many shareholders in the future. Which means, our data will always be visually present.

MAXELE Inc. practices effective two-way communication between stakeholders to ensure that stocks receive a fair value of evaluation.

Core competence

The all-new MAXELE Project is based on a single theoretical system.
We have prepared three white papers: “Projects,” “Theory,” and “Technology.”

We hope this information will bring you opportunities relating to any field or any passion projects.

Company Information

Name MAXELE Inc.
Established May 7th, 2018
Capital 33 million yen
Location Main office -Shikoku Chuo City, Ehime Prefecture
PR Office Machida City, Tokyo
Representative Kazutoyo Watanabe
Date of Birth::1977
Hometown:Shikoku Chuo City, Ehime Prefecture
Business Provision and creation of the ICT platform.
Legal adviser TMI Associates

The MAXELE project has the most propulsive mechanisms for “Society 5.0”.
Our vision is fully compliant with “SDGs” for “Society 5.0”.