It always exsists


Value is a result of a role that exists infinitely. When every intercorrelation functions properly, the surroundings will be filled with infinite value. Because value is seamlessly provided and acquired in intercorrelation, value is actively created among people. Hope will be born from endless opportunities between people. We follow this principle to maximize the value created.


Individuality is established within the intercorrelation of roles. Roles have a source of value that arises in the intercorrelations of people. The environment is shaped by the infinite roles people live daily. Those environments shape the roles of people. We follow this principle and play a role.


“MAXELE” as a name, is composed of the two words “Max” and “Accelerate.” The name “MAXELE” embodies the concept of individual action. An action where each person can obtain maximum acceleration from generated energy. MAXELE is the very act of creating a new era of an ecosystem.