A medium that fills the Spectrum


A unique research network composition within the Internet.
Research results and economic values are interconnected and expanded within the circulation process.
The patent of the money creation algorithm will adapt and influence the circulation process thereby creating a synergistic effect on the research results within the network.
We provide a research platform that optimizes these intercorrelations. There are no limits.


Circulation intercorrelation restructuring is influenced by the money creation algorithm that acts on the mechanism and spans the entire scientific field. To stimulate more amorous research from participating members of these projects, We aspire to make our research results link harmoniously with the economic value contained within its invention rights.


Research results are frequently accompanied by patentable inventions which are only effective when there is a dominant patent at hand. Trends show a decline in researchers’ motivation from being taxed with the task of acquiring the rights to research results needed to generate economic value. This may create diminishing returns for the quality of the research, and their results therein.

By unbinding researchers from this burden, we will rekindle the fire and passion for innovation in a significant way


The dominant patent for the rights of the money creation algorithm will be valid until 2038. Researchers will no longer need to apply for patents for research results, as well as the publication of individual pavers will not be censored. The creation of excellent research results depends solely on the researcher’s passion.

As we spearhead a new era in technology, the drive and passion of researchers will be powered up to deliver high-quality data by using a given period more effectively.


These are the mechanisms that will keep the vitality of people’s passions intact.
The platform that stands before these mechanisms is MAXELE NET®.
MAXELE NET® will transfigure the data results provided by researchers to create an advanced new eternal platform.
The money creation algorithm will play a key role in continuing to optimize the intercorrelation.

A Medium that unifies the terrain, move us forward into a new era.

Below are some detailed explanations on these three viewpoints:
“Dual circulating mechanism①”
“Dual circulating scheme②”
“Mediums that circulates③”

① Dual circulating mechanism

“INTERCURRENCY®” is a fusion between the primary currency distributed within “INTERVERSE®” and the secondary currency distributed in the real-world application through the invented algorithm. This circulation flow now demonstrates a currency functionality that had previously been impossible to demonstrate.

This was made possible by the invention of the money creation algorithm, thanks to its unique ability to simultaneously support two contradictory propositions.

Next, the INTERVERSE®️ will be created.
This is a value exchange domain within the Internet realm that quantifies the economic value included in the evaluation of value transferred between participating parties with no charge. This will also at the same time create a value metric for “INTERCURRENCY®”.

This signifies the origin of the intercorrelations that shape the evolution of mankind. The is the essence of “a medium that fills everything.”

② Dual circulating scheme

The following story illustrates this concept:

The story begins solely with the founder and the patent. In order to make room for further growth, researchers were gathered, and MAXELE NET® was born. It focused on the money creation algorithm and its patent rights.

MAXELE NET®, using the concept of passion like a hands-on venture capital as a way to bond researchers together, will evolve into INTERVERSE® to further attain its objectives.

INTERCURRENCY ®, which is created as an all-round medium, simultaneously connects roles and values and acts as an adequate intercorrelation for the user.

The story is made possible due to the mechanism that optimizes intercorrelation.
Everything starts with the existence of a money creation algorithm.

③ Mediums that circulates

This concept embraces a far-reaching and all-encompassing element, inherent from the start.

We realized the importance of its existence and the implications of harnessing its power.

When properly utilized and performing at best, the intercorrelation becomes optimized which results in both the continually growing value and the existing value being maximized.
What we offer is “the medium for a new era”.