Announcement of recruitment of researchers participating in the project

Start of recruiting members

MAXELE Inc. conducts research on information-sharing infrastructures including monetary system. MAXELE Inc. is now recruiting research members who can work together with INTERVERSE and “MAXELE NET” on open innovation platforms that will be commercialized with the advent of the INTERVERSE and INTERCURRENCY.


MAXELE NET is an open innovation platform designed to reshape future economic systems using it’s patent-pending money creation algorithm, sharing the economic value of the patents that were developed by our founders and that relate to the money creation algorithm we own among the researchers participating in the projects through our equity (security token planning).

This is an attempt to accelerate the research of the next generation economic system, which has been conducted exclusively by our founders. We plan to partner up with researchers around the world, while converting our stock to which the related IP rights belong into a security token and share it among the research group.


In the future, we will continue to invite other researchers to participate in the MAXELE Project. For further details, please refer to the white paper “Presentation” on the official website.


MAXELE NET is an open innovation platform to bring economic systems into the future with a standardized digital currency that is controllable and infinitely generating.