Announcement of start of recruitment for capital and business alliances


MAXELE Inc. conducts research on information-sharing infrastructures, including monetary systems. MAXELE Inc. is now open to talks with potential equity business partners for the INTERVERSE and INTERCURRENCY that we are researching and developing, as well as for the open innovation platform “MAXELE NET” that will be commercialized prior to the INTERVERSE. We hope to collaborate with leading companies in relevant industries.


The business domains related to our projects are ICT platform businesses such as ICT, finance, payments, Fintech, and media. Capital alliances with one of the world’s leading companies in these fields is also part of our vision.


In the future, we will continue to encourage companies to form capital and business alliances.


<Significance of capital business alliance>

  1. Securing insufficient resources
  2. Improvement of business promotion capability
  3. Strengthening risk management
  4. Strengthening governance
  5. Strengthening compliance
  6. Strengthening business continuity