Announcement of plans to convert shares into security token

Shares as electronic records transfer rights

MAXELE Inc., which researches information sharing infrastructures including monetary system, plans to digitally manage information concerning “Common Shares (Class B Shares, which are called Common Shares, with residual property distribution rights over Class B Shares, and subordinated voting rights)” by using blockchain technologies.


We have stated that the management of share information, such as requests for approval of share transfers by existing shareholders (and shareholder candidates) and the rewriting of the shareholder register by us, is to be managed through server processing and clerical processing. At the 198th session of the Diet, the “Law to Partially Amend the Law on Payment and Settlement of Financial Transactions in Response to the Diversification of Financial Transactions with the Development of Information and Communication Technology” (Law No. 28, 2019) was enacted on May 31, 2019 and promulgated on June 7, 2019. It will come into effect by June 2020, and it has been decided that the information on common shares will be digitally managed as the rights to transfer electronic records on a blockchain.


In the future, we will continue to improve the conditions for treating common shares as a security token, including a third-party allocation of common shares through Security Token Offering (STO). Once the security token of shares is completed, we expect that the trading of shares by researchers and others participating in the MAXELE Project will become smoother. Together with our IR policy, we believe that this will help form a fair valuation of shares.


<Advantages of security token>

  1. Allows access to stock information held by the application.
  2. Available through the platform.
  3. Requests for authorization of transfer of shares can be made through the platform.
  4. Smart Contract allows automatic rewriting of register of shareholders.
  5. Significant reduction in security risks and management costs.
  6. Enhancing liquidity, reliability, and globalization.


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