Recruitment of MAXELE project as researcher


The MAXELE Project is an ICO project that aims to provide ICT platforms called INTERCURRENCY®️ & INTERVERSE®️ for the future generations. Like conventional bank money, INTERCURRENCY®️ can be included in the structure of money creation systems (mechanisms for creating currencies through loans, etc.). In addition, the project can establish an unprecedented economic bloc encompassing several countries by transferring credit issuance rights (money issuance rights) related to INTERCURRENCY®️ money creation systems to central banks and other entities.
The ICT platform that is being built provides mankind with a zero-energy loss information circulation environment.
As a result, this project is different from the stable coin-type ICO projects carried out by private entities, and functions as a social project that bears the burden of economic infrastructures.
We have patents on the core algorithms of the ICT platforms we are building (with temporary protection in member countries through the PCT’s early international publication procedure), so MAXELE Inc. is the only implementing agency for this subject in this world.




Thus, while a typical ICO project will focus on early issuance of the token, this project does not need to rush towards implementation of the ICO and will need to focus on further refining the design of the ICT platform to be delivered to the future.
However, from the start of the project to now, all the research was done by a founder himself, and the effect of the refining was not maximized without additional research from a new perspective.




Therefore, we decided to maximize the effect of refining by conducting additional research from another brand-new viewpoint.




Prior to the implementation of the ICO to provision for the ICT platform INTERCURRENCY®️ & INTERVERSE®️, we will provide an open Innovation platform by researchers called MAXELE NET®️.


  • Build security token equity circulation platforms to provide an enabling environment for equity and liquidity.
  • To provide a platform to promote public access to scientific papers and exchange of information among researchers.
  • The results and the economic value of shares are directly linked to each researcher by issuing a security token.
  • In summary, we will build a researcher’s network that shares visions with the founder.




This will increase the size of the ICO that will be carried out later and allow researchers to share capital gains associated with the appreciation of stock prices, maximizing the impact of additional research from different new perspectives.




If you are interested in this project, we would be grateful if you would be able to read the white paper and other materials posted on this official site and provide us with your opinions and other information. We look forward to seeing people who share the same vision with us.