Kazutoyo Watanabe : MAXELE Inc. Founder & CEO

Basic information

  • Date of birth: May 7, 1977
  • Origin: Shikoku Chuo City, Ehime Prefecture
  • Academic background:
    Graduated from Shikoku Municipal Mishima Higashi Junior High School in March 1993



Career summary

  • April 1994: Started to work in various places
  • April 1999: Established Voluntary organization for regional development and activities / appointed as representative
  • November 2004: Candidate for election to the Shikoku Chuo City Assembly
  • February 2005: Joined Goodwill Co., Ltd. (TSE First Section: 4723 (currently not operating))
  • August 2007: Established STAFFMATE Inc. (current Bizcareer Inc.) / appointed Representative director
  • May 2018: Established MAXELE Inc. / appointed Representative Director




I have never studied or researched at an institution. However, I continue to face life sincerely, and to question the essence of the underlying mechanism of what I have perceived, felt, and experienced in all aspects of life, both in the past and in the present. I finished my compulsory studies at the age of 16, and since then I had never stopped pursuing my studies, I had no experience of learning basic scientific knowledge (academic knowledge). For my studies, I have consistently devoted myself to build my own theory based on rules of thumb.
I think that one of the strengths I have is the eyes that capture the truth of events are not distorted from my childhood, and that I still have maintained a clear way to see the events that happens in our society.

I will continue to output results for the future based from the experiences that are continuously inputted throughout my life. To this end, I will continue to tackle various challenges that arises over our society.