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MAXELE Inc. is a private company, but it is also a public entity dedicated to the public good. Therefore, the responsibilities of the board of directors who are at the core of the structure of the organization are crucial.
We want to meet companions who share a vision and realize their potential.


For example, MAXELE Inc. has not yet established a board of directors. This is due to the fact that the number of directors does not meet the required number to establish a board of directors. This is also due to the fact that it has not received funding from VC, etc. and that MAXELE Inc. has been doing all that it has done from its establishment to the present day, including research, on a founder-only basis.

For example, the founder's power is limited in part. In the previous phases of MAXELE project, the project could be promoted only by the limited strength of the founders, but in the future, the strengths that the founder have not been able to achieve will probably be required. We look forward to the establishment of a board of directors and the participation of board members who are capable of exercising their capabilities to the fullest.

For example, a project has a stage. For MAXELE project, this is also true, with stages changing rapidly according to stage. This is similar to the process in which an insect changes from an egg to a larva and then goes through a pupa to become an adult. Each of these processes is part of the cycle that leads to the next one, and each has its own role in something. MAXELE project is about to hatch.

Thus, MAXELE Inc. requires board members to share risks based on their visions. In order to create a future-oriented value, we aspire to meet companions who can run together.