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Dear future partners

Strong core competence synergies bring about unprecedented results. When a nonmutually exclusive force is delegated to the other party, the bottleneck is eliminated, and its impact is proportional to the force of the core competence.
We are eager to conclude a strategic partnership with leading companies, premised on shared missions.


For example, our business foundation is written on this site, including the content of the invention, and related intellectual property rights. Capital is extremely vulnerable, and project members are limited to the founder and a few people around it. We've consistently refined our core competencies, but we have nothing else.

For example, the cost of deploying intellectual property rights to protect the core competencies of a project as an intellectual property portfolio in more countries is burdensome. Compared to the size of the project, the costs required are incredibly low, but they can still overwhelm the project.

For example, a company has a production department that conducts production. In this respect, even IT companies have production sectors such as coding and system management, but we have only the sectors that generate ideas and the sectors that legally manage the ideas created. This shows that we cannot provide society with ideas created and solutions based on intellectual property rights.

Thus, MAXELE Inc. needs partners that can share missions. We are working hard to forge strategic partnerships to create a value for the future.