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To researchers

We are not satisfied with the current research results, but we are not strong enough to create further research results on our own.
We know that there are researchers in the world with clear eyes, unique experiences, and extraordinary brain and sense. Let's chain the synergy of passion together through the Open Innovation Platform MAXELE NET®.


For example, as with the founder, passion-based research is risky. And they are not enthusiastic about risk-free research. In addition, although there is a saying that three or more people use Monju wisdom, researchers who are pushing on the road to sharpening their minds struggle only to find someone to discuss.

For example, industrial research tends to lead to economic value because it is directly related to economic activity, while social research tends not to lead to economic value because it is articulated. As a result, when we push forward with social research with enthusiasm, we are constantly under pressure to secure budgets.

For example, commercial research on economic activities is conducted in a closed room covered with concrete, but the place where ideas can be generated is not necessarily that. In light of the fact that the inspiration of researchers is closely linked to each other's lives, research should be conducted in a manner that varies greatly.

This is just one example, but it can be said that the environment in which research supporting the progress of civilization and the sustainable development of society as a whole is promoted as a whole is still developing. MAXELE NET® aims to be a global symposium as a research network in which guild members share risks and profit.