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We hope that the underlying theory, including patented inventions, and the overall project scheme will be widely reviewed from a variety of perspectives. We take your comments seriously and will contribute to a brighter future.
We look forward to your review.


For example, when comparing conventional currencies with INTERCURRENCY, the existing currencies are monetary systems based on artificial arrangements, so the existence of the institutions themselves is essential, and the conventional notion is that "without a state, a currency cannot be generated." In this regard, the concept of the trilemma of international finance has traditionally been the concept that "as long as the international financial system is a currency system (economic system), it is impossible to break through the barrier of the system." However, INTERCURRENCY is unique in that it is possible to endogenously and independently function the currency and the economic zone without relying on the system.

For example, a modern monetary system based on forced access, exchange, and SWIFT cannot create a unified economic zone based on the common currencies of mankind, and "there will be no end to economic conflicts between nations." However, this common sense does not apply to a monetary system based on INTERCURRENCY.

For example, it is said that 5,000 years have passed since the so-called "money" monetary system was created, but it has not been proved that there was no monetary system as a value exchange medium in human history before that. In this regard, unexpected hypotheses emerge when we consider the links between the monetary system as a INTERCURRENCY and the monetary system more than 5,000 years ago in terms of community-and language-based appraisal societies.

For example, when observing businesses in terms of return on equity (ROE), it is not possible to have an ROE that exceeds a certain limit, but the ROE of a MAXELE Inc. with a complete Seigniorage may not be known to anyone.

This is just one example of this project, but it is thought that a variety of comments and new hypotheses may arise from each viewpoint. Therefore, we decided to solicit reviews from a wide range of people. In principle, the review will be posted on this site without delay together with photos.